Aug 2014
With a kiss of life I have managed to wake up the only computer (a Dell from -99) with the password for the web site!!! I will make a mini solo tour in Germany starting September 10.

I am also very happy to announce that I will return to China later this year!

Check out Live to see where I'm playing.

Feb 14
Germany was great, as always. I truly enjoyed playing with a full band again. Never the less, in March I take off to China on a solo tour. Check out Live to see where we are playing.

Jan 15 (2011)
Holà friends! Still no password for the web site. How ever, I have managed to bring the only computer, with the password already saved, to life.

Next week I start another German tour. For the first time since I went solo I will tour with a full band, and not just any band; these new members are truly amazing. Check out Live to see where we are playing.

June 22
Long time no updates here. Sorry about that, but the password was missing for a while. Pelle is currently working on a album with childrens music thogether with his kids. The songs are in Swedish and if you are interessted please check out

At the end of August there will be a little German tour. Until then: Have a great summer.

Feb 12
We have a single show in London on Feb 26, and we are coming back to Spain sooner than we thought; South Pop Festival i Sevilla and some more nights to be confirmed.

Jan 4
Check out the dates for Spain and Portugal Live.

December 16
Germany was fantastic!

We will end this year with one last show at Bonden bar's Christmas party on December 25.

November 30
Germany here we come!

November 9
The UK mini tour went fantastic. It was a lot easier to sell snow to the Eskimoes than I thought it would be. Thank you Liz and the rest of The School, promoters and all the good bands we played with.

Tomorrow we leave for a week on the North Italian roads. Unfortunately I haven't received the tour plan yet. I will update the Live section as soon as we get there.

October 31

September 23
Since some of the new listeners keep asking me about my old band Edson, I have finally created a Myspace account. Check out videos and listen to a few songs here.

September 3
So, the new album is out! Feels good!

Also, we have started to plan the future tour. We're trying to cover Sweden first of all. In November we are going to the UK, Italy, Spain and Germany. Check out Live or the Myspace for more information about uppcoming shows.

August 16
If you're in Stockolm, don't miss the release party at Mosebacke on August 26. Check out Live for more information to find out about more uppcoming shows.

July 9
The new album will be released on August 27! It's called The Lilac Time and is definitely the most versatile record so far. Check out the Myspace if you want to hear a couple of tracks. Until then, have a wonderful summer!

May 12
Oj! Oops! It's been a while ... Since I got back from Asia I have been working on the new album constantly and it seems I have totally neglected the old website. Sorry! I miss you, and look forward to be playing live later this year.

January 28
Back in Stockholm. The Asian tour together with Club 8 was just truly amazing. All nights were unique and fabulous. Thank you Cap10 Michael Lam for making it all come true! Thank you Club 8! Thank you local promoters! And thank you all of you that came to see us! Great support!

Final encore at Performing Arts Centre Pentas 2 in Kuala Lumpur:

December 31
If I didn't have bad luck, I'd have no luck at all. 2007 is coming to an end. It's been an amazing year, meeting so many people in so many different places. I hope to see you in 2008. Happy New Year!

My second solo album, In a Nutshell, that came out this year has made it to a few top of the year lists. Click here to listen to a nice spippet from the American Blogspot Radio.

December 11
The Asian tour is settled. Check out Live for more information.

December 3
Inspite of the fact that my new car broke down the first week, we had an amazing time in Germany. Thank you Antistars and thank you wonderful crowds!

This Wednesday we are doing a lunch concert in Uppsala. It will be broadcasted live on Radio Uppland. Tickets at Address: Trädgårdsgatan 6. 12.00.
We're also hooking up with Mike Joyce at a very Danish joint on Friday.

November 6
Back in Sweden for about a week.
Italy and Spain offered many fantastic nights and quite a few warm and sunny days too (why do we live in the north of Europe?).
Thank you De Stijl and Fikasound for taking such good care of us all along! And thank you all of you that came to the shows! See you ...

September 24
The autumn tour is nearly settled. Check out Live for more information.

August 1
We have started to plan the autumn. This is how it looks:

August 25 - Bergen, Norway
October 18-27 Italy
October/ November 30-5 Spain
November 15-26 Germany

June 5
Back from North America! This picture was taken after the show at The Luna Lounge, New York City Pop Fest.

We played with a few really good bands and made a whole bunch of new friends during the trip. Hope to see you all again!

May 25
Back from Geramany after a bit of car trouble. Still, this tour was the best ever! We had some truly amazing nights. Thank you!

Tomorrow morning we fly to The USA ...

May 2
The Norh American dates are finally settled.Check out Live for more information. If you still haven't seen the video for I Love You, You Imbecille, click here.

April 10
The dates for the German tour are posted under Live.

March 29
The new album "In a Nutshell" is out! You can order it dirctly from the Labrador web shop.

This morning we played two songs live at TV4. Click the song titles to watch it. I LoveYou, You Imecile and Middleclass Kid.

Last but not least: I just saw the video for I Love You, You Imbecile for the first time. I REALLY like it! Kisses and hugs to the good people at YouSavedMe who made it! Click the image if you want to see for yourself. PS. When downloaded it takes about 5 second before the action starts. DS.

March 3
I'm happy to announce that we've finally found a date and a place for the release party of the new album. Tuesday, March 27 at Pet Sound's Bar. Doors around 7 pm and stage 8.30. And it's free!

A friend of mine found a live video of our version of Elton John's Rocketman on Youtube. We tried the song a few times on the Italian tour and this one is taken from the club No Fun in Udine. Click here to watch it!

February 17
Back from a wonderful Italian tour. Milli grazie to all the people who came to the shows. And thank you Gian Maria at De Stijl for taking such good care of us on the road.

February 1
Next week we start the Italian tour. I'm looking forward to get away from the cold Swedish winter and meet the Italian audience for the first time.

The new album "In a Nutshell" will be relaesed on March 28.

January 1
2006 was really special to me. I got the opportunity to play live in so many parts of the world: England, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Germany, Austria, Denmark and Indonesia. I would like to thank all the wonderful people that came to the shows.
In March this year the new album "In a Nutshell" will be released and my fellow musician Henrik and I will travel even more. Hope to see soon!

Happy new year!

Bandung, Indonesia, July 2006

December 19
I will do a small acoustic gig in Uppsala (the town where I was born) on Thursday 21. So if you happen to be nearby, please pop by Pub 19 around 9 pm.

November 29
You will find the official dates for the Italian tour in the Live section. Espressino here we come.

November 14
Good news! The Italian tour is finally settled. We start on Feb 7.
Ci vediamo!

November 1
I have a new and much better version of Middleclass Kid. Hope you like it!

October 20
Last night I went to see The Hidden Cameras play live for the first time. I'm still in a total rush. I think they might be the greatest band of this century. Visit their website if you don't agree already.

The new album is nearly done. We had a fantastic drum session this week and I'm starting to feel this album will be the best I have ever recorded.

October 3
Back in Stockholm. We had some really nice nights in Germany. Hope to see you all again some day!

It could be us in 20 years ...

September 20
Next week the new German starts. We are looking forward to see the country in another season than March for once.

The new album is coming on nicely. My goal is to finish it in a couple of months time. The approximate release date is set for February 14. At the moment I'm particularly fond of a song called Middleclass Kid. You can listen to an early version of it in the songs section.

August 10
We had an amazing time in Indonesia and met so many wonderful people. Thank you all!

June 25
I will go to Indonesia for four gigs in July and August. We will perform as Edson, but we will play Pelle Carlberg songs as well.

Also, good news for the people who just beat Sweden in the World Cup: I'm coming back to Germany in September/October!

May 30
I have posted a rugh version of a brand new song that I kind of like in the Songs section. It's called Clever Girls Like Clever Boys Much More Than Clever Boys Like Clever Girls and deals with ... just that.

I won't be playing live much this summer, still I have a few new dates in the
Live section.


April 26
Time flies when you're having fun. I've been back from Germany a few weeks already. Henrik and I had a marvellous time on the tour and we hope to be back soon. To all the wonderful people that came to the shows: Thank you for your great support!

The Italian tour has been postponed, terribly sorry! I will tour Italy in October instead.

At the moment I spending all my time in the recording studio, working on new songs. I will release a radio single called Pamplona quite soon. Keep your ears open!

March 15
On Sunday the German tour starts in Hamburg. Henrik and I are really looking forward to come back to wonderful Deutschland.

Also, I've just received the new Pelle Carlberg t-shirts - it feels kind of corny to print a t-shirt with your own name on it ... but what the heck, it do looks nice and I'm not going to wear one myself.

Februray 17
The Asian mini tour was all I could ever dream of! Fantastic gigs and wonderfull crowds in Hong Kong and Taipei, Taiwan. I hope to see you all again!

Click here to see more pictures!

Februray 1
Just got back from England. Good crowds as usual, thanks for coming!

Next week I go to Hong Kong and Taiwan. Also, I have had a request to go to Italy on tour this summer. I'll get back with further information as soon I have it.

December 29
Next year will I will travel alot! I'm going back to England for 4-5 gigs in the end of January. Then we're off to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Denmark in February. In March there will be a rather big German tour with some Austria as the icing on the cake. Check out Live for more information.

Happy new year! And see you in 2006.

December 15
Last week was very special and different in many ways.
We started on the Teusday with a soundcheck at 4 am. at TV4. Then we went on stage at midnight on the Thursday in Gothenburg, only to be on stage again at a media highschool in Kinna/Skene at 11.45 lunchtime the next day.
By Saturday night we played in a youth recreation centre in Trollhättan, where they didn't serve alcohol and the mixing desk broke down after the soundcheck.
On the Sunday Henrik Nilsson and I left for London and played live in a venue that looked like a very big living room.
We plugged our instruments into their regular stereo speakers and Henrik played drums and bass and did backup vocals at the same time.
Then we crowned the tour with a fantastic show at the Social on the Monday night. Lots of people and quite a few old Edson fans.

Thanks a lot to all of you who came to see me this time!

December 6
Back from the TV4 gig. If you feel like watching it, it's already out on Nyhetsmorgons web site. Just Click "Musikbyrån" or "Riverbank and interview".

December 2
I will be performing live at TV4 Nyhetsmorgon Teusday, December 6.

November 21
I have two gigs in London in December. Check out Live for more information.

Also, I feel a lot better now and look forward to play in the town where I was born on Saturday.

November 18
I'm really sorry that I had to cancel the gig at Landet last night. We were playing in Lund the day before and I cought the "mad vomit disease".

November 8
The Album is out! Order it from the Labrador shop.

October 21
The new EP is out!

October 10
I have uploaded a few samples from the forthcoming album in the songs section. If you want to see the Rivebank video, just click the image below!

September 19
The album "Everything. Now!" will be out on the 2nd of November. On Oktober 19 the "Riverbank" EP will reach the Swedish stores.

I also have a few new gigs coming up. Check out Live for more information

August 12
Back in a tracksuit! Well ... not really. Rather the opposite. Time to wash away the summer time bag in box laziness and start living.

Don't forget: Real men don't wear shorts.
And always rember: Real men suck! (Even though I'd never wear shorts in public myself)

July 19
Tomorrow I will play live at Debaser's outdoor stage. 8 o'clock sharp. If you read this, see you there!

June 29
I have spent the past four weeks in the studio working on the album. My sun tan makes Dracula look brown. Anyway, I've uploaded a new mix of Riverbank in the songs section. See you soon!

May 26
Last week I played in Gothenburg. It was the first gig with my new bass player Tor Helmstein. He and Henrik Nilsson, the percussionist, were both brilliant.

For the moment I'm working 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, with my forthcoming album. The album will be more varied than the EP, and believe it or not, but many of the songs are faster than 120 bpm. Hold on to your hat!

April 15
I have just recorded a new song called "Riverbank". It's a very catchy and fast song to be one of mine. It still needs a little more work, but I've put it in the Songs section anyway.

I also have a few new gigs coming up. Check out Live for more information

March 16
Today my debut EP will reach the Swedish record stores. If you're unable to visit a Swedish record store, you can always order it at

March 14
This week I will play live at Café String and at Kulturhuset's Lava. See Live for further information.

This Friday I will attend TV400 and a live show called "FECKE". It starts at half past six.

March 1
Welcome to my website!
I would like to take the opportunity to thank Filip Carvell who helped me creating it. Thanks again!

I have signed to Swedens best record company, Labrador. My debut EP "Go to Hell, Miss Rydell" will be out on March 16.